Casts=Roy Scheider
Writers=Carl Gottlieb
directors=Steven Spielberg
tomatometer=8,6 / 10

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When this movie first came out, I’m sure it was frightening. I’m sure that people were on the edge of their seats. I do not doubt that many people think it great for that reason.
I saw it for the first time with a group of friends in 2002, and fell asleep 30 minutes in. I woke up just in time to see the final scene on the boat. Apparently, I didn’t miss anything too important. And the boat scene didn’t hold my interest for that long (though in all fairness, I was next to a cute girl – but I’d hope a top #100 movie could draw my attention.
It’s good for what it was, but I simply did not enjoy it.


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Believe me, there are 2 kinds of movies. There are movies that are original and cannot be topped, then there are those movies that you just wanna get up in the movies and walk to the movie next door. Jaws is one heck of an original. Its really not in a genre. You have horror, thriller, family and comedy. But ill tell you one thing. Horror is definitely in that category. After watching this (and I’m SURE I’m not alone) I was sort of scared to go into the ocean. But don’t let that stop you. Just remember every time you get scared, its just a stupid shark robot. I give Jaws 10/10 2 thumbs up! Wonderful JOB! LIke they always say, if you have not seen jaws, YOU Ain’t SEEN Nothing YET.

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Jaws (1975) Jaws was the first film to do many things- the first 100 million grosser, the first blockbuster, the film that made Steven Spielberg into a household name. This film has entered pop culture lexicon and is just about a great movie that everyone has at least heard of. The fine thing about Jaws is that the shark isn’t really the villain- the bureaucracies of the small town, the mayor- the human elements are the true villainous element which Speilberg so adroitly makes us ponder about, at least in the first half. Of course there is a shark and the chase by three men is the highlight filled with great monologues and fantastic sequences. If you haven’t yet (shockingly) please see Jaws.

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